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Since the previous goal was reached (Oh my GOD you guys are so awesome, thank you!), there's a new goal! Same as last time, if the goal is reached, I will do my best to have an extra update! :3

The purpose of the tipjar is to help me maintain my DA subscription. When more people watch and comment nicely on Eldritch, I'm more encouraged to continue making and sharing it (as opposed to keeping it under my hat.) Being able to display it nicely and slideshow my favorite pages helps me attract readers. Thus, having enough points to have a paid subscription helpes me make Eldritch. Roundabout and strange, yet true.

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A Blank Page is an Adventure That Hasn't Happened Yet.

Come Adventuring With Me.

Hehe, you know, once, one of my professors told me that if you’re an artist, art is like breathing --You have to do it whether you like it or not.

I disagree. If you’re an artist, art takes your breath away --You can’t wait to try things out, good ideas or not.

Art is a passion, a discipline, and a livelihood. I’ve scratched out my share of grunt-work. This or that for professors who wanted drippy paintings. But it’s these, my real pieces, that I find myself not illustrating with pencils or markers or paint. The soul, the spirit, is the greatest artistic tool anyone can ever own... and thankfully, we all have it, ‘Trained’ artists or not. Art itself is the unending adventure, and at the same time, it is also the means of recording the adventure

Thanks for being gentle with my work, my records… thank you for sharing my adventures with me. And thank you for encouraging me to keep having them.

About my gallery:

You’ll find a variety of things here, ranging from crafts to costumes to flatwork and comics. However, most of it is fantasy themed in one way or another, so, I consider myself to be a fantasy artist. There are several available folders to the side of my gallery, to allow you to skip just to what interests you.

You may note that in many of my deviations, there is a lengthy, italicized description, or story-like narration to the work. Unless otherwise stated, these are not quotes, but are my own writings, as told by a character of mine, “Seamus.”

I love to learn and research a plethora of subjects and will often incorporate what I know to my pieces, by writing stories to go with them. However, please understand, that while many of these are based off of mythology, history or science, I will reinvent history, modify mythology, and will twist science as I see fit to tell the story I like. I have no desire to mislead anyone, please, don’t take these writings as “fact.” If you are curious, I will be happy to inform you which tidbits are true, which are invented, and what my sources or inspirations are for any particuar piece.

Along with my normal plethora of pieces and stories, you may notice a lot of comic pages. These belong to my webcomic project, Eldritch. If you’d like to read it, please visit the first page here: . Please note that it is intended for mature audiences, but I will try to keep it fairly family friendly in most cases. It updates on Wednesdays and incorporates a plethora of characters and concepts from my gallery, ranging from werewolves to good ol’ Seamus.

Once again, thanks for visiting!

Current Residence: NeverWhen
Favourite genre of music: Again, I like a lot
Favourite photographer: My dad!
Favourite style of art: Hmmm... I like them all pretty well...
Skin of choice: The one I'm in
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to choose from
Personal Quote: "My Heart Belongs to me. Nobody else!"

Would you play tag in the park with someone dressed as Slenderman being 'It?' 

313 deviants said Yes
104 deviants said No

Look… Sometimes, I have to deal with creepy people.  I don’t mention them because you guys aren’t here for my personal life, you’re here for art.  But the other party involved in this complication is starting to get very vocal about our interactions, so I’m posting about it here to keep the record straight, and to defend myself should anyone end up here because of his postings on the matter.  For the moment I will not be providing his username because I’m trying to take the high road and not, by saying all of this, unintentionally encourage any well-meaning people to harass him. 

My interactions with this individual started off okay, but gradually became less and less so as he began to push for a collab.  As all of you can see from my gallery, I don’t often do collabs with people, and I tried gently explaining this to him, but he was extremely reluctant to back down.  This individual is trying to spin the situation so that it sounds like this event is the cause of later precautions I have been forced to take, and while it is a factor, it is not the main problem and he knows it.

The main problem is that he is a creep.  Like woah, guys.

He had contacted me before things started going south with the collab, asking me if he could have permission to include my character in a piece, saying that “I'll guarantee you it will be a nice surprise!” 


However, I had to discover by myself that what he neglected to mention when asking for permission was that the piece he wanted to have done would include a third party I didn’t know at all, and, given his faves and such here and on another site he had contacted me on, would have been fetishist in nature.  Now, please allow me to make a couple of things very clear: One, as far as I’m concerned, so long as no one gets hurt, people can like whatever they want; I don’t care what gives people their jollies.  And two, the third party he had tried to get involved is in no way whatsoever responsible for what occurred.  That gentleman was a very talented and generous individual who was kind, courteous and professional in the situation. While his work is not sexual in nature, it very likely would have been so in the eyes of the individual I have been dealing with.  The artwork this individual tried to get done was never intended to be a nice thing for me; it was for his own enjoyment.  Trying to involve not just any character of mine, but my personal avatar in something he could get sexual gratification from isn’t just creepy, it’s disrespectful!


I stepped in and requested to be omitted from said work.  This individual responded to the rejection by saying he’d get a more general picture done, to which I told him that it wasn’t necessary, and I also told him that I didn’t want to get to know him even though he was pushing for us to get to know one another.  (I mean, do I really need to explain why I wasn’t feeling comfortable here?)


He had a piece done anyway and linked me to the artist’s posting of the work done, he apologized for his behavior, and that was fine.  The work itself was completely innocuous, and the artist he had hired was very talented and sweet.

Things only got creepy when I ended up discussing it with a friend, and in doing so, she spotted the same piece posted on a separate gallery of his.  However, the text was different, reading thus:  “Nashoba and me met some time ago and wanted to know each other better. So, when I discovered she was a werewolf like me, I invited her to take a glass of cold tea under the full moon. The date went well! :)  This was after I had stated that I didn’t think I wanted to know him better, and by calling it a date, put the piece in a romantic context.  Since we weren’t even friends, I had specifically said that I didn’t think I wanted to get to know him better (and yet here he was acting like I had said the opposite), and in the context of the previous events, this made things even creepier.


I asked him to change the text so that no one else would get the wrong ideas (which, to his credit, he did), and ended it with “Please. Stop. Just stop.  I have enough problems in my life, and I don’t need another one.”

Soon after, this individual began contacting me again, with earnest.  I had already told him that I did not want to know him, and asked him to stop, and yet, he kept at it.  I tried just not responding.  I hoped that if I didn’t reply, that he would lose interest and leave me in peace. 



But then he had to go to my font page and write nonsense like this “Where are you, Nashoba ?  I miss you so much.... :(  Are you still angry with me ?”  (The post is hidden, by the way.  Thank you DA!)  I’ve posted multiple things since I last spoke to him; he can tell I’m active and around. There is no reason to “Miss” someone he barely even knows, and who isn’t even absent!   He could have contacted me discreetly through a note, but nope, he had to go and slap that right on my front page.  It was clear that trying to quietly distance myself from him by not responding to him wasn’t going to work, so, I blocked him.  I have been here for eleven years and this is only the fifth person I’ve blocked, he has been that creepy.  I hoped that would be the end of this whole mess, since, well, IF SOMEONE BLOCKS YOU, IT MEANS THEY DON’T WISH TO SPEAK WITH YOU.  This isn’t difficult to understand.


However, in spite of this, he knowingly and intentionally disregarded what I clearly wished and INSISTED on finding another way to contact me.  He got a kind-hearted friend of his involved in this drama, and had him contact me on his behalf, because now he has started posting about this mess in his journal, spinning things so that his creepy behavior is completely omitted, and painting himself as a sympathetic character, along with statements regarding my blocking of him with “Nashoba, please, I've already paid enough for my fault!” when he’s paid nothing, and also acting like I owe him my attention, when, I could spend my limited time on people like my non-creepy commenters, who are awesome.

He has asked that I reply to his journal as "One last favor." and I have, meaning that I had to temporarily un-block him.  Because of DA's Blocking system, this means that I cannot re-block him for 48 hours. This has gone on for weeks, and I have warned him that if it continues any farther, and contacts me again I will be contacting DA administration.

If, somehow, you, dear reader, have gotten through all of this, I commend your attention span and tolerance for drama.  However, I am posting this mainly as a means to defend myself.  If you somehow work out who this is, please, for the moment, refrain from contacting him, as this has been enough drama.  Thank you for your time, and I hope that life is less stressful for you than for me.

Edit: He contacted me during the 48 hour period.  Steps have been taken; he is now reblocked, and life is good.

Other Places to find Nashoba!

Other Places to Find Me


Tumblr: (Werewolf) and (Personal)

Blogspot (For Eldritch):


Weasyl (Under construction! I still need to upload a bunch of stuff):

(And I guess I still have a Nabyn, but I hardly ever visit: )

You can also find me in the woods. If you look hard enough.


About Comments

If you feel like commenting on my art or front page, yaaaay! If you wanna swing by and say hi, thank me for a +watch or a +fave, say something nice, give a polite bit of constructive criticizm, whatever, that's great! I love receiving relevant comments, and so many of you guys are so kind and awesome it hurts!

However, this is not a place to spout off political or religious agendas, ask for free art, pester me for not making enough art, advertise your own work or other's work, (This includes posting images of other's work) bash someone else's work (that's super unclassy guys), or post chain letters. Also regarding ‘ideas’ I have plenty of my own, and quite like them. I neither need nor want any from anyone else.

I know no malice is meant toward me with such things, but I find these sorts of comments irrelevant; so, I tend to hide comments of this type even though I know hiding the chain letter will cause sterility, give me bad mojo for my next three thousand incarnations, and make me rot in hell. (Can you tell I get a LOT of chain letters? ;3 )

Thanks for reading!


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What r bone cookies??
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Knewfy Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You have a very impressive gallery Miss Hostina. Your costumes, props and artwork are all a blast to view. I particularly enjoy your comic, which I found to be a plot driven roller-coaster ride. I certainly can't wait to see how Faith's story plays out.
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Destiny3000 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
What an incredible gallery you have!
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Hi! :)

I'm on Deviant Art too! :heart:
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is your comic done in traditional, digital or mix of both?  
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I adore you're artwork :)
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marillon954 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Awaiting your replies, I'll keep commenting and faving your awesome pics.
marillon954 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I sent you a note with an important thing I wanted to say you.
Minkey55 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Loving the story ^^
Though I have to say I was given a Bitten card last year at a Halloween party XD I got bitten but lost the card before I got home. But when I saw the comic pages I kinda went  "that looks familiar" 
I'm also borrowing some info from page 12 of layline for those who are called sounds nicer then muggle born from my old character 
wolfian Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
No problem! I've been greatly enjoying your take on were-creatures and other eldritch entities in your comic! As I've read most of the sci-fi/fantasy at my library that interests me, having an ongoing story to follow is good, thanks!:thumbsup: or :goodjob: 
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Halo1125 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have subscribed to you on youtube.
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Acorn-o-licious Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist
I know you probably get it a lot, but I've the need to tell you your art is gorgeous and I love it to bits♥︎
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Halo1125 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just wanted to ask permission before I go ahead. As you can tell, l'm an Eldritch fan.
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Halo1125 Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I incorperate Faith in my story?
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Freelancer521 Featured By Owner May 7, 2014
Just a quick question, do you do commissions? And where could I find details about that if so?

Eldritch and the rest of your art is going great! Keep up the hard work and enjoy the summer!
kgates2000 Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I love all of your pieces! Especially the ones of your barn owl x lynx character! I love anything and everything that has to do with birds. Cat people and Dog people may not agree on much, but they can both recognize that bird people are just weird...Bird Lefthand 
Awsassin Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Do you do art trades?
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roman3000 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
im interested in reading your comic, but im not sure what order to read it in.
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